Toy Story Birthday Giveaways

What kid wouldn’t love to go home with their very own Toy Story birthday giveaways? Most parents are familiar with the super popular Toy Story movie series featuring Woody and Buzz Lightyear. There isn’t an age group out there that doesn’t like this movie, but it seems to be particularly popular amongst pre-school and kindergarten children. If you’re throwing a birthday party for your little guy or girl, what better theme is there than a movie that talks about friendship, loyalty and toys.

Toy Story Party Decors

The Toy Story movie logo is red, yellow and blue, so consider using these main colors for your decorations. Brown is another popular color in the movie because it’s the color of Woody’s cowboy costume, and green and white are the colors of Buzz Lightyear’s astronaut suit. Mix these colors into the party where you can. Purchase streamers, balloons, plastic and paper dish ware, and confetti in your color scheme of choice.

Toy Story Party Invitations

To set the mood for the party, send out Toy Story birthday invitations to all your little one’s friends. If you can’t find Toy Story invitations to purchase in an individual package, try looking for a Toy Story party kit at a party supply store or online. These kits often include everything you’ll need for a kid’s party, from plates and napkins to invitations and Toy Story birthday giveaways. Alternatively, you can have your boy or girl make their own invitations by coloring a picture of a Toy Story character, folding it in half and writing the party details inside. Whatever type of invitation you choose, make sure to ask each guest to bring along their favorite toy to the party. At the party, use each child’s toy as a place card or play fun games with them, like relay races.

Toy Story Party Favors

Every child at your party will be expecting Toy Story birthday giveaways, so be sure to not disappoint them! A Toy Story coloring book and a pack of crayons will go over well with every kid. You can also make a game out of the Toy Story birthday giveaways. For example, have the kids paint or color their own ceramic piggy bank or build their own Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head. Making a party game double as Toy Story birthday giveaways will make party planning a breeze.

Toy Story Party Food

Toy Story is a pretty easy movie to use as inspiration for themed food. If you think the kids will eat them, make baked potatoes and let them build their own real Potato Head person. Use celery sticks for the arms, shredded cheese for the hair, black olives for the eyes and sliced red bell pepper for the lips. Serve hot dogs as a nod to the Slinky Dog character. If you want to go the easiest route and order pizza for the crowd, tape a large piece of construction paper over the box top with the words “Pizza Planet” written across it. Pizza Planet is the pizza place that the characters go to in the first movie. Bake a cowboy hat-shaped cake or decorate a regular sheet cake to make it look like a blue and white sky. Place small Toy Story figurines on the cake standing up.

Don’t forget the most important part of a party – the Toy Story birthday giveaways in the form of toys! Use your child’s own toys as decoration for a fun-filled atmosphere.